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This is a question Best Comebacks

At some point we've all been insulted. What's the wittiest retort you've ever uttered leaving the antagonist lost for words? Share your wisdom so that we learn, and have a come back ready for every occasion.

(, Thu 29 Apr 2004, 14:19)
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You're Gay.
Their was a group of kids at school who always picked on someone for a lesson. Unfortunatly I was flavour of the week.

So, there I am, cault in class two tables infront of them...
"You're gay, I bet you like to suck dick..."
- "no"
"Bet you do, you fuckin' fag."
- "no"
"Suck my dick you gayboy"
- "Wouldn't that make you gay?"
"fuck off gayboy"
- "ok"
"You're gay, bet you like to suck dick.."

Anyway, this went on for about 40 minuites, and was starting to get a little irritating.

So I stood up, turned around and said "Yes, I'm fucking gay, ok. So fucking what? Are you happy now? You've dragged my personal life for everyone to see. Thank you very much.", and then stormed out the class with a teacher running after me, I turned around and explained to her what I was doing, and that I was just going to use the loo.

At lunch brake the girls starting coming up to me and talking, and I explained it teached them a lesson, and we became very good friends, and the rummors were quickly dismissed by everyone who mattered.

Whenever him or his "crew" started on me, all I had to do was wink, and they would leave me alone.
(, Thu 29 Apr 2004, 15:19, closed)

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