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This is a question Best Comebacks

At some point we've all been insulted. What's the wittiest retort you've ever uttered leaving the antagonist lost for words? Share your wisdom so that we learn, and have a come back ready for every occasion.

(, Thu 29 Apr 2004, 14:19)
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Oh, this one is gonna stay with me forever
While on holiday in Spain, we all got totally shit-faced (as you do), and decided it'd be a good idea to find more beer along the beachfront (preferably a nightclub).

Anyway, Garry, who was the most pissed-up, suddenly puked (a lot) all over the pavement - then shortly after slipped over in it, and puked some more.

He tried to get up, but couldn't... and we didn't want to help him because he was covered in vomit :(

Then suddenly some sexy woman appears with her bloke, and the conversation goes somethign like this...

Sexy Woman: "Are you allright?"
Garry: (slurring) "I can see up your skirt!"
Sexy Woman: "Can you?"
Garry: "No, but I'd like to!"

Always the womaniser, even when he's too pissed to stand up ;)
(, Thu 29 Apr 2004, 20:20, Reply)

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