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This is a question Best Comebacks

At some point we've all been insulted. What's the wittiest retort you've ever uttered leaving the antagonist lost for words? Share your wisdom so that we learn, and have a come back ready for every occasion.

(, Thu 29 Apr 2004, 14:19)
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In the 5th form at school...
I was pissing around in the corridor, repeatedly pinging the school bell, which was quite high up on the wall.
After a while a balding, elbow-patched teacher came out of a nearby classroom and started yelling

"You, boy! Stop that! You should know better at your age.
You don't see the first years doing that do you?"

to which I replied, completely deadpan,

"No Sir... the first years can't reach it."

Clearly outwitted and humiliated, he went back into his classroom.
(, Thu 29 Apr 2004, 22:37, Reply)

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