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This is a question Best Comebacks

At some point we've all been insulted. What's the wittiest retort you've ever uttered leaving the antagonist lost for words? Share your wisdom so that we learn, and have a come back ready for every occasion.

(, Thu 29 Apr 2004, 14:19)
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Plebs on the bus
A mate was on a packed bus heading home after a gruelling day's work. Also on there were three generations of chavs - a grandmother, her daughter and the daughter's 3-yr-old daughter. The child/antichrist was running up and down the bus screaming and treading on people's toes. The grandmother grabbed hold of her and told her to keep quiet to which the little dear replied "fuck off" and carried on screaming.

At this point the driver gets up and decides to chuck Ilkeston's answer to the Waltons off the bus. The woman went off on one and said she was staying.

The rest of the passengers had by now had enough and one bloke got up and told the woman to do everyone a favour and fuck off.

Woman: How dare you use language like that to me?
Passenger: Sorry love. I'd never heard the phrase till your charming daughter said it"

She got off the bus. The bus cheered.
(, Fri 30 Apr 2004, 15:11, Reply)

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