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This is a question Redundant technology

Music on vinyl records, mobile phones the size of house bricks and pornography printed on paper. What hideously out of date stuff do you still use?

Thanks to boozehound for the suggestion

(, Thu 4 Nov 2010, 12:44)
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The beauty that is a real fire
I live with my Mrs and little un in a very old house
the house has been modernised over the years but recently we decided to ditch the pretend real fire looking expensive to run gas fire set-up with its fake coal briquettes last week and revert back to a real fire with wood and coal and stuff. This has to be the best decision we have ever made regarding house improvements.

We now have a crackling real fire that costs us next to nothing because we have started to use a freecycle website to obtain free wood. In the evening we sit watching tv warm as toast and when my mrs goes to the loo in the commercial breaks i throw bogeys on the fire to watch them crackle....heaven i tell thee.

to top all this domestic bliss off im still using the fake fire brass front (That i took out) with my new old fashioned real fire.
Sometimes i think going backwards is the only way forward.
(, Fri 5 Nov 2010, 10:10, 1 reply)
I have a double gas fire as you describe in the middle of a very large space
It's fecking useless.

I also have a real fire against the wall in the same space. I use wood too and it warms the space a treat.

There is no comparison. Real fires are more effective and in my case, a lot cheaper even though I pay for the wood.
(, Fri 5 Nov 2010, 13:39, closed)

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