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This is a question Redundant technology

Music on vinyl records, mobile phones the size of house bricks and pornography printed on paper. What hideously out of date stuff do you still use?

Thanks to boozehound for the suggestion

(, Thu 4 Nov 2010, 12:44)
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Yibbo Stickeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Kinder eggs! I remember the days when you had to struggle to open the plastic yellow egg and when you eventually got it open all the pieces would fall out, you'd gather them up and set about the task of build something from the unknown. Nowadays there is an easy open egg and instead a one piece object and maybe a sticker to attach ( if you're Lucky!)....it's just no fun being 39.
(, Tue 9 Nov 2010, 11:03, 7 replies)
I don't know what parallel universe you live in but the Kinder eggs my son gets are still impossible to open and have more parts than an Ikea large hadron collider.
(, Tue 9 Nov 2010, 11:13, closed)
i dig what you say there rudeboy.
the last ones we got weeblaireau required no assemblage whatsoever.
and before that simply jamming a plastic stick in a hole and applying a single sticker.
no fun at all, although i do quite like the new design 1-piece egg.
(, Tue 9 Nov 2010, 11:19, closed)
I always maintain that the Surprise element was that as a child it was impossible to open one without resorting to using your teeth
the actual surprise came when half of it shot off and blocked your windpipe.
(, Tue 9 Nov 2010, 11:20, closed)
Does the chocolate still taste bloody awful?
I only ever remember buying one Kinder egg. It tasted so vile that the toy would have to have been made of solid gold to make the whole thing good value for money.
(, Tue 9 Nov 2010, 11:40, closed)
A friend of mine used to live in Germany, and over there, where they are from, the models of "cool crocs", or "playful penguins", or whatever, are actually quite in demand. So they have started doing more of the crappy models, for that market.

I used to open it up, and bin the instructions, to add a bit of mystery to whatever it was I was building.
(, Tue 9 Nov 2010, 11:42, closed)
I gave my collection
of kinder egg toys to my daughter about a year ago. There are about 300 of them.

Some of them are way better than the shit you get nowadays. Fucking cardboard jigsaws? What's that all about? Hinges on the egg thing? Kids don't know they're born.
(, Tue 9 Nov 2010, 15:41, closed)

i always used to get the retarded ceramic or plastic statuette of either a frog or a small animal. No construction no enjoyment....nine times out of ten the statuette was mine much to the amusement of my pals who would build their kinder egg toys with glee whilst i sat admiring my inanimate shite molded toy.
(, Wed 10 Nov 2010, 16:19, closed)

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