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This is a question Bizarre leaps of logic

Amorous Badger says: "I once humorously suggested that someone had been internet-stalking a Big Brother contestant. They concluded that I was threatening them. What's the oddest misunderstanding you've been involved in?"

(, Thu 12 Dec 2013, 13:48)
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Oh dear God
I wonder how some people have enough brain cells to breath.
(, Fri 13 Dec 2013, 12:36, 1 reply)
Certainly enough to be allowed behind the wheel of a car.
I live in fear of ever having to change a wheel, because I don't trust myself not to fuck it up; but at least I understand the principle of rotation.
(, Fri 13 Dec 2013, 12:51, closed)
Changing a wheel is fucking piss easy.
Just remember to loosen the nuts a bit before you jack the car up, else you'll fuck it up.
(, Fri 13 Dec 2013, 12:53, closed)
I'll loosen your nuts in a minute.

(, Fri 13 Dec 2013, 13:00, closed)

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