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This is a question Bizarre leaps of logic

Amorous Badger says: "I once humorously suggested that someone had been internet-stalking a Big Brother contestant. They concluded that I was threatening them. What's the oddest misunderstanding you've been involved in?"

(, Thu 12 Dec 2013, 13:48)
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Festival story.
A woman approaches me while my colleagues and I are in the process of clearing a closed section of the site.

"I need to charge my phone." says she.
"You can charge your phone at one of the charging points provided by the festival, or pay to use one of the booths." say I, in reply.
"No, you don't understand." She replies. "I need to charge my phone!"
"As explained, you can either pay to use one of the charging booths, or there are free charging stations across the site, the nearest is over there." I gesture into the distance to show the lady precisely the location I'm referring to.
"No!" She says again. "I'm trying to tell you, I've taken an overdose!"

Oh for fucks sake.. think I.

It transpired that she was an attention seeking mentalist.
(, Mon 16 Dec 2013, 15:57, 4 replies)
Don't you know about the app that delivers adrenaline to the heart, then?

(, Mon 16 Dec 2013, 16:40, closed)
I'm an android user.
Anything like that would probably be on the iPhone, and probably intended as a masturbation aid.
(, Mon 16 Dec 2013, 16:52, closed)
Android users are too smart to OD,
unlike the iSheeple who just take whatever they're told.
Or something.
(, Tue 17 Dec 2013, 9:04, closed)

(, Mon 16 Dec 2013, 16:54, closed)

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