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This is a question Black sheep of the family II

Freddie Woo says: I was a bit friendly with this chap was once on Jeremy Kyle for what he called "brother and sister problems". He was such a family outcast they made him sleep in the shed. Tell us about your family black sheep.

(, Thu 20 Feb 2014, 13:10)
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My Black sheep story.
Idiot, why did I press enter.

So anyway basically there isn't just one black sheep in this family I belong to, there's actually a few. They are called MODs. They are the MODs of the B3ta family. They claim to help run the site alas most people are of the opinion they look through previous QOTW take a shit from a great height on the list and then whatever old QOTW most shit lands on they use again. Generally also thought to probably be involved quite heavily in operation yew tree and not from the old bill side.

Oh and apparently their leader and head black sheep is some god like ginger nonce that can seduce a baby at 10 yards with nothing more than a wink.

wanky wanky


tl:dr get better QOTW
(, Wed 26 Feb 2014, 8:59, 4 replies)
clear winner right here

(, Wed 26 Feb 2014, 9:03, closed)
i preferred the abridged version

(, Wed 26 Feb 2014, 9:24, closed)
We should all demand a refund.

(, Wed 26 Feb 2014, 9:54, closed)

(, Wed 26 Feb 2014, 12:59, closed)

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