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This is a question Ignorance

I once was in a programming class where the task was "build a calculator". A student did one with buttons 1, 2, 3 all the way up to about 25 and then ran out of space on the screen. We've asked this before but liked it so much we're asking again: What's the best example of ignorance you've encountered?

(, Thu 30 Aug 2012, 12:30)
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Flight Attendants

A good friend of mine is an airline pilot, and he always has great stories about his conversations with the sky waitresses (excuse me, "flight attendants") at work. Two of my favorites:

Story 1:

One of his usual routes is Los Angeles to San Francisco and back, up and down the California coast in the US. One one flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco, a flight attendant points out the window on the left side of the plane and asks, "What is that huge body of water out there?"

"That's the Pacific Ocean."

Later that day, they both worked the same return flight, San Francisco to Los Angeles. The same flight attendant points out the window on the right side of the plane and asks, "What is that huge body of water out there?

"I told you this morning, that's the Pacific Ocean"

"...No, that can't be right; the Pacific Ocean is on the LEFT side of the plane!"

Story 2:

In the middle of nowhere in the desert Southwest region of the US there exists a large crater, caused long ago by a meteor strike. It's now one of those "wonders of nature" tourist attractions, with an access road leading to it, and a smaller road around the perimeter so that tourists can drive around and look down into it.

"What's that large crater down there?"
"That was caused by a meteor strike."
"...Wow, they were really lucky! Look how close it came to that road!"
(, Fri 31 Aug 2012, 14:06, 2 replies)
I was at Osterly park with the wife
and kids a few weekends ago. It is a grand estate in West London, built in the 1700's by Robert Adam, and is all rather splendid.

We were walking in the gardens, and I remarked to my wife, as another 747 flew over at about 400 feet, that I was suprised they chose to build it so close to Heathrow airport.

"Yes, it's a shame", she remarked, and carried on admiring the shrubery.
(, Fri 31 Aug 2012, 14:48, closed)
watch out for those bloody meteors.
(, Fri 31 Aug 2012, 21:34, closed)

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