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This is a question Bodge Jobs

If you can't fix it with a hammer and a roll of duck tape, it's not worth fixing at all, my old mate said minutes before that nasty business with the hammer and a roll of duck tape. Tell us of McGyver-like repairs and whether they were a brilliant success or a health and safety nightmare.

(, Thu 10 Mar 2011, 11:58)
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Back in the early 80s
my brother offered to sort out some wiring on his mate's Triumph (a 2000 I think, it was certainly a large car). It had a 2 litre engine and went like a rocket. Well it did to me as a ten year old because I was used to tootling around in my dad's 1100 Mk1 Escort.

Anyway, to do said wiring, he removed the driver's seat and managed to lose two of the bolts down a drain and so had to go to the scrapyard to get some more. He secured the seat with some twine from my dad's greenhouse and set off gingerly.

He forgot all about being careful at a set of traffic lights when a neighbour pulled up alongside of him in a Cortina. The lights changed, my brother floored it and the car lurched forward.

However, the drag race was short lived because the twine snapped and the seat tipped backwards leaving my brother on his back like an astronaut in the ill-fated British Leyland space program, with no control of the car or any way of seeing where he was going as it coasted slowly to a halt three-quarters of the way across the junction.

He said it was a very awkward position to get out of and took slightly longer to right himself than it took for a policeman to wander over and squint down at him through the window with a bemused expression his face.
(, Mon 14 Mar 2011, 11:29, 2 replies)
you should submit this to Brussels as an appeal against giving equal car insurance rates for both young men and women
(, Mon 14 Mar 2011, 12:34, closed)
like an astronaut in the ill-fated British Leyland space program
have a click just for this line /\
(, Mon 14 Mar 2011, 18:02, closed)

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