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This is a question Body Horror

Mictoboy writes, "I once picked a spot on my cheek only for a half-inch long ingrown hair to coil out covered in pus."

How has your own body made you recoil in disgust?

(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 14:02)
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The sensation of an achilles tendon rupture is quite rough

Combine the sensation of having someone smack the back of your calf with a baseball bat with the feeling of pulling a chicken leg from the carcase and add the sound of a cartoon catapult being fired.

with a large dose of rolling around on the floor trying to work out what the fuck just happened and 4 months of not being able to walk.
(, Sun 14 Jul 2013, 18:26, 2 replies)
Run it off you puff

(, Sun 14 Jul 2013, 22:52, closed)

It happened to me on holiday out for a walk on Greek Island. Yep! The smacking with a baseball bat is only too familiar!!
(, Mon 15 Jul 2013, 0:39, closed)

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