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This is a question Body Horror

Mictoboy writes, "I once picked a spot on my cheek only for a half-inch long ingrown hair to coil out covered in pus."

How has your own body made you recoil in disgust?

(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 14:02)
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One time i was bored at home and decided to while away the time
trying to see if i could fit a jam jar inside of my anus.
And wouldn't you know it, motherfucker broke while it was in there!
Hurt like a bastard.
Thank god i gave the videotape i made of the incident to my brother for safe keeping.
(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 18:33, Reply)
As this week's question is dreadful. I'm asking another:
What decent websites do you recommend?
(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 18:30, 8 replies)
bla bla bla David Cronenberg

(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 18:23, 1 reply)
Ok, not my story

And it's a GC link, but if any of your stories are worse than this, I'll be impressed: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1G_a64RBCLQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player
(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 17:33, Reply)
I put my dick in a bowl of creme anglaise once
I was fuckin dis custard
(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 17:13, 2 replies)
I had warts on my feet.
Dissatisfied with the speed of the salicylic acid treatment, I dug them out with a penknife. Oh so satisfying.
I had to be more careful with the one on my wrist, so rather than gouge it all out at once, I carried on working away at it, until I had a quarter inch tower of wart and scabs, protruding from my wrist. Being at school, I was often offered money to bite it off.
(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 17:13, 2 replies)
I'm not too chuffed with my rolls of flab.
Is it next Thursday yet?
(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 17:05, Reply)
The first time I had piles I didn't have a fucking clue what had happened so I squatted over a mirror to have a look
The horror. The horror.
(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 16:56, 1 reply)
When getting laser eye surgery you can smell your own eyeballs burning
It's a fairly revolting smell. It reminded me of overgrilled octopus. It's the kind of smell you only really want to smell once.
(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 16:34, 12 replies)
This one time I fell off my million pound Chelsea scooter that hasn't been invented yet and scraped my face off on the driveway of one of my mansions
It was so sore that I hacked my own b3ta account and sent myself a picture of myself doing a big sexy flounce. Yadda yadda Marshmallow.
(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 16:32, 11 replies)
I've just come back from a minor eye op.
For a while I've had a lump in the corner of my eyelid the size of a pea. After the hassle with the Clockwork Orange lid clamps and some anaesthetic that didn't quite work they managed to excise it. If anyone wants to see what they didn't manage to scoop out with those dinky little curettage spoons and has since oozed out onto the dressing do, please, let me know.

I asked for a black dressing - looking like a pirate would be no small comfort - but, alas, the NHS did not oblige.
(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 16:17, 6 replies)
Only once did any part of my body truly disgust me.
It was my penis. Because it was in YM.
(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 16:12, 2 replies)
I've got a slight case of athlete's foot at the moment
I got some spray-on powder from Boots and it seems to be clearing up
(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 16:08, 2 replies)
when i had an umbilical hernia
which turned my belly button inside out and stretched it into a massive crescent moon shape. it looked fucking nasty.
i got rid of the belly button.
(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 16:03, 7 replies)
Adrenaline is brilliant
but, if you should ever fall off a motorbike and feel a slight sting in the hand and upon removing your glove notice that your middle digit looks "a bit wonky" under no circumstances grab the end and pull in an attempt to straighten it.

That is all.
(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 15:53, 2 replies)
It hasn't....my mind, however, does it all the time

(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 15:48, Reply)
once, many years ago
I was in the bath, with an erection, busting for a piss.
long story short, I accidentally pissed into my own mouth.
(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 15:35, 4 replies)
This one time, I was stroking my willy and it spat in my eye.

(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 15:25, 1 reply)
I always thought I could do with a prettier anus

(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 15:15, 7 replies)
On both my feet
The gaps between the second and third toes are webbed.
That's the only slightly freaky thing I've got.
(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 14:52, 2 replies)
There was that time
when the moon came out and I turned immensely hairy, grew hideous fangs and claws, fucked Jenny Agutter and ate some American tourists.

Male periods, eh?
(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 14:52, 1 reply)
Basically, it's the last time I tell them to put the quail's eggs on top.

(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 14:38, Reply)
Literally all of my suggestions were better than this one

(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 14:35, 6 replies)
It hasn't.

(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 14:34, Reply)
I was terribly bored and was wondering how to create a bit of cheer for myself
so I decided to have a nice mid-afternoon wanking session. This was back in the day when there was no free net porn and one had to make do with your own imagination. I had been edging for about an hour and decided to up the stimulus but with what?

I went to micturate and there next to the taps was the very thing to up the masturbation ante, Macleans Original Fresh Mint toothpaste. Applying the product liberally to my willy I decided to use the lubricant properties to finish the job off quickly and because the mint was causing a bit of heat. I had my eyes closed and I promptly reached orgasm. All was good. In fact, not a bad wank at all.

No, all was not so good. On staring down at my wilting penis and hand they were both covered in blood, white toothpaste turning the mess a lurid pink. It had not occurred to me that the menthol would cause the blood vessels to erupt in this manner but they did. It was quite a shock to see my penis in such a sorry state and I was disgusted.

I say disgusted. . .
(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 14:32, 8 replies)
I see so many disgusting bodies all the time I actually find the sight of my own body a welcome relief.

(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 14:21, Reply)
Emvee's gone too far this time
(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 14:14, 3 replies)
When my body got to just under 24 stone and i saw myself naked.
(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 14:05, 2 replies)
Fuck's sake.

What a stupid subject.

(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 14:05, Reply)
Man Tits
(, Thu 11 Jul 2013, 14:03, 1 reply)

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