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This is a question Body Mods

This week we hand the honours over to DippyFi, who asks:

"Got your girlfriend stuck on your Prince Albert? Had an argument with your tattoo artist mid-tattoo? Piercing mysteriously dissolved the cartilege in your ear? Or worse: decided to pierce yourself while you were drunk? Go on, I wanna hear all the gory details!"

The closest I've got to body piercing was when a friend stuck a sodding gardening fork through my right hand. It wasn't a good look to be honest.

(, Thu 30 Nov 2006, 23:02)
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Vibrating Loz got us to post this because they'd lost their login details:
One day when I was about 17 there was a group of us sitting round drinking frosty jaks (good old days) when somehow we got it into our heads that piercing my nipple would be a good idea. So off someone pops to town to a shop where you can get them piercing needles.
Carry on drinking thinking "i am pissed this wont hurt".
Friend got back. Bit of ice on the nipple to numb it. "should be fine". So in goes the needle "owwww F*ck" needle is about 1 cm in. try to move it, no joy. By this time i am screaming. "Really should have drank more!" In the end the pain was that bad and all being young and stupid someone rang a ambulance!
A while later 2 blokes walk in and have to escort me to the ambulance. End up down A&E with my tits hanging out cuz i couldnt actually bear the pain of anything touching them. Y do people feel the need to stare at stupid people? I ended up having to have about 5 needles stuck in my nipple to numb it so they could pull it out.
Oh how my mates ripped me! I still aint really lived it down!
A while later i went and got little miss naughty tattooed on my boob. I will never learn!
(, Fri 8 Dec 2006, 9:38, Reply)

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