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This is a question Buses

We've got a local bus driver who likes to pull away slowly just to see how far old ladies with shopping trollies will chase him down the road. By popular demand - tell us your thrilling bus anecdotes.

Thanks to glued eel for the suggestion

(, Thu 25 Jun 2009, 13:14)
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i was on the bus.
the high pitched girls at the back were adding new mobile phone tones to the dulcet shrieks that were already causing other passengers to look back up the bus at them and tut. i sat calmly hoping they would notice the air of disapproval and settle down, however the little harridans only got louder.

right i thought. i pulled my mini-loudhailer (£30 from maplin) out of my bag turned round and said in my loudest voice, "we all have new toys we want to play with but have some consideration for the other people on the bus".

it was the first and only time i had seen anything shut up back-of-the-bus-teenage-skank type girls. and even then only for about 5 minutes.

loudhailers- everybody should have one.
(, Thu 25 Jun 2009, 15:36, 4 replies)
I'm giggling helplessly just at the thought of that. I think it would have killed me if I'd been there.
(, Thu 25 Jun 2009, 15:38, closed)
That is fantastic! I need one! All kinds of mischief could be caused with one of those!
(, Thu 25 Jun 2009, 16:25, closed)
Try attaching an air horn to it for more ear-splitting.

(, Thu 25 Jun 2009, 18:13, closed)
Meh! Brilliant!!!!
(, Sat 27 Jun 2009, 23:36, closed)

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