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This is a question Buses

We've got a local bus driver who likes to pull away slowly just to see how far old ladies with shopping trollies will chase him down the road. By popular demand - tell us your thrilling bus anecdotes.

Thanks to glued eel for the suggestion

(, Thu 25 Jun 2009, 13:14)
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Dead passenger...
...I was dispatched (ambulance) to a bus stop near a local shopping centre - a bus driver had radioed his HQ and told them that he had found an elderly lady laying in front of the bus stop and that she probably needed an ambulance.
Sure enough, we found the patient lying in front of the bus stop. She was dead and we couldn't revive her as the 'downtime' had been too long. The police arrived at our request and they went through her handbag, found some phone numbers in a diary and contacted a relative.

This is where it got a little strange.

Her daughter told the police that she couldn't figure out why her mum was waiting for a bus at that particular stop - it would have taken her the wrong way and was in fact the stop where she would normally get off after visiting friends in the city. The police noticed a nearby security camera and on looking through the tapes they found footage of the bus driver dragging her off the bus, laying her down in front of the bus stop and he then got back on the bus, which is when he radioed his HQ to tell them of his "finding the patient laying in front of the bus stop."

He got interviewed by the police and told them that he wanted her off the bus as "the bloody paramedics would have tried to revive her on the bus" and so cause him to finish his shift late.

Instead he got sacked and charged by the police. The twat.
(, Wed 1 Jul 2009, 16:17, 14 replies)
What a selfish bastard.
Wonder how much the police charged him
(, Wed 1 Jul 2009, 16:28, closed)
Not too sure...
...how much the police 'charged him'.
But there must be a joke in there somewhere about "exact change"?!
(, Wed 1 Jul 2009, 16:38, closed)
selfish cocknosed bastard
(, Thu 2 Jul 2009, 12:43, closed)
And in the red corner, showing an amazing contempt for human life....

(, Wed 1 Jul 2009, 16:39, closed)
I've just realised...
...that this true tale actually didn't shock me that much.
I went to an elderly cancer patient last week who had a cardiac arrest at home. We rescusitated him and took him to hospital, but his 'loving son' couldn't give a toss - just wanted us out of the house quick so him and his mates could carry on with their drugs party.

(, Wed 1 Jul 2009, 16:44, closed)
what an utter cuntstick
i wonder if he'd do the same if it was his own mother?
(, Wed 1 Jul 2009, 16:48, closed)
Follow up...
...the same son jumped out of a moving vehicle (drug fucked) several days later.
Scalped himself and was drenched in blood, but not knocked out.

Yours truly went to this case too and got accused of "killing his dad" (he died in hospital).

Copped a nice face full of deliberately spat Hepatitis C tainted blood and saliva from the son, as did my partner and two police officers.
He's been charged with serious assault and will undoubtedly be serving time.
(, Wed 1 Jul 2009, 17:03, closed)
Those cretins.

Your lot should have auto-sterilisation kits. Or perhaps just blunt knives for slicing the balls / ovaries off....
(, Wed 1 Jul 2009, 17:17, closed)
he'll die soon.
(, Wed 1 Jul 2009, 17:24, closed)
the joy of serving the public eh
(, Wed 1 Jul 2009, 22:41, closed)
Oh come on, that's hardly fair

If his mother had lived long enough to see what a shitloop she had shot out of her ladycannon she would have surely drowned him in a bucket.
(, Wed 1 Jul 2009, 17:25, closed)
It seems wrong to click 'I like this'.
There needs to be a 'I submit that this is relevant to the discussion'-type button.

What an utter fuck. I hope someone shoves a glass rod up his urethra then bends his cock until it snaps.
(, Wed 1 Jul 2009, 21:54, closed)
what a fucking scum
can't really say more than that :(
(, Wed 1 Jul 2009, 22:39, closed)
I clicked 'I like this'
But I don't. What a cunt.
(, Thu 2 Jul 2009, 5:26, closed)

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