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This is a question Call Centres

Dreadful pits of hellish torture for both customer and the people who work there. Press 1 to leave an amusing story, press 2 for us to send you a lunchbox full of turds.

(, Thu 3 Sep 2009, 12:20)
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Customer care line for a company that sold Feminine Hygiene
For a while I worked in the Technical / Quality department of such a company. They made Tampons and Sanitary towels, and from time to time we'd get asked to help out answering some of the more unusual questions that the customer helpdesk hadn't heard of before.

There were a few we saved up and were quoted whenever the drink started flowing. Suffice to say, you needed to be pretty unshockable.
For a company of this sort, you'd be surprised how many men phoned up

One example (Cleanish)
Q: I'm going on a safari holiday, and I want to take tampons with me for first aid purposes. Is this safe?
A: Yes, plenty on the internet about this sort of thing. Quite popular with US marines in Iraq. (So I'm told)- Tampons make very good emergency field dressings for gunshot wounds-Well thats how they were first invented in WW1

One Example (Just wierd)
This involved a bloke who wished to indulge with his girlfriend in some games that involved pulling things out of her and shoving it into him.
The gist of the advice was:
a) Don't eat them (Used or unused)
b) If they've been used by her for a longish time they're going to be too soggy to use on you
c) If they've been up you sir, for gods sake don't pack them back into her
d) Lubricant may help
e) If you bite the string off you're going to have to get them out the difficult way.

The public are a very odd lot
(, Sun 6 Sep 2009, 22:31, 1 reply)
On the coach home from a drunken work xmas party a few years back, several of the ladies on the coach decided to cut the rather long hair of one of the young men, using a dinner knife they'd swiped from the hotel. Having had quite a lot of wine, their aim was none too steady, and as such they managed to cut his ear. Not having a plaster handy, one of the girls reached into her handbag and pulled out a sanitary towel, with which she did indeed bandage his ear.
(, Mon 7 Sep 2009, 10:47, closed)

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