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This is a question Things you can't unsee...

The Eightball Says Yes wimpers, "Waiting for a bus on Upper Street, Islington twenty years ago I was approached by a very old and very potty woman. She must have been 80.
"She was licking her lips salaciously and saying 'fuck me, fuck me.' She then lifted her skirt to show me her fanny. I looked, I ran, I wish I could rinse my mind out, but the image remains."

Tell us and the internet what you cannot unsee

(, Fri 13 Feb 2015, 13:42)
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Not technically something I've seen
A mate of mine claimed defiantly in the face of great incredulity and cries of "bollocks" to only ever wank over porn mags whilst holding a passport picture of his girlfriend over the faces of the ladies featured.

But that was then.

What I can't unsee is the mental image I have of the modern equivalent. Namely him moving this passport picture all over the screen of his laptop, his cock presumably receeding in shame whenever he accidentally catches a glimpse of another woman's face.
(, Mon 2 Mar 2015, 20:13, 2 replies)
My life has been enriched immeasurably
by reading this.
(, Mon 2 Mar 2015, 23:29, closed)
Have a click

(, Tue 3 Mar 2015, 9:21, closed)

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