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This is a question Caught!

MJPerry asks: Masturbating, stealing, making the cat dance... when did someone catch you doing something you wanted to remain secret?

(, Thu 3 Jun 2010, 14:01)
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Tried to make a lot of money in the 50s and 60s with a revolutionary sedative drug
Would have got away with it too were it not for those pesky flids.
(, Mon 7 Jun 2010, 12:19, 4 replies)
(way above the usual piss-poor puns qotw seems to attract)
(, Mon 7 Jun 2010, 12:39, closed)
This is a bit close to the bone!
...good thing the bone is so much smaller than usual.
(, Mon 7 Jun 2010, 13:24, closed)
I thought it was an anti-emetic?
...or treatment for morning sickness?
One of the isomers was safe too -- just ignorant media coverage as usual.
(, Mon 7 Jun 2010, 18:00, closed)
It is but not licenced to be used a such however
Thalidomide is now mainly used to treat myeloma, a cancer of the blood cells. It is also licensed to be given with melphalan(a chemotherapy drug) and prednisolone (a steroid) for some people with myeloma.

Thalidomide is also sometimes combined with other chemotherapy drugs – for example, the chemotherapy regime CTD.
The media still whip this up as a controversy as usual.
(, Mon 7 Jun 2010, 21:01, closed)

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