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This is a question Asking people out

Tell us your biggest successes and most embarrassing failures. Not that we're after new chat-up lines, or anything.

(, Thu 10 Dec 2009, 11:36)
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Not one of mine, but used on me.
WAAAAY back, when I was 14, and desperate to loose my virginity, I met through friends a girl who we shall call "Bush Girl" for reasons which will become clear.

I was 14, she was 16, and we'd arranged to meet up at the college (as it was half way between our houses). This was the middle of the summer holidays and no one was around (apart from a cricket team on the other side of the field), we chatted about the possibility of me taking her to a gig that weekend, and partook in some overenthusiastic tongue wrestling. THAT was when I received THE CHEESIEST (yet somehow irresistible) chat up line ever:

She stopped kissing me for a moment and said;

"When I said I wanted you to take me... I wasn't just talking about the gig"

And there and then, I lost my virginity, in (under) a bush, on the college field.

The relationship which followed lasted all of a week, but hey, ya gotta start somewhere.

Apologies for length, girth, blah blah blah.
(, Sun 13 Dec 2009, 23:14, 2 replies)
My mind
immediately was thinking of another type of bush.
(, Mon 14 Dec 2009, 8:29, closed)
Me too
Classic bit of misdirection there.
(, Mon 14 Dec 2009, 9:45, closed)

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