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This is a question Asking people out

Tell us your biggest successes and most embarrassing failures. Not that we're after new chat-up lines, or anything.

(, Thu 10 Dec 2009, 11:36)
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the secret of my success?
First, find old flame from school on facebook (who you really *really* fancied but lost touch over time through moving around the world).

Second, discover she is a fab person, completely compatible, highly intelligent, mortgage-less home owner and a trainee solicitor (very handy). Also discover that time has been kind and she still looks stonking. Imagine a gorgeous blonde Scandinavian 20 something (for that is where she comes from), with ample *ahem* assets.

Third, woo via MSN and phone conversations from 5000 miles away in sunny california, running up extortionate mobile phone bills in the process.

Fourth, hold transatlantic 'long distance relationship' with frequent, sex fuelled holidays together. Previously unheard of levels of sexual compatibility are apparent, with the added bonus of seeing some really cool places in the world.

Fifth, realise you are head over heels in love, pack in your job, give up the constant sunshine, move home to recession riddled UK and propose

Its one year together next week, and were getting married in july. I love her to bits. Theres more to life than just sunshine every day.
(, Thu 17 Dec 2009, 5:21, 5 replies)
This REALLY happened.

(, Thu 17 Dec 2009, 7:26, closed)
top quality 'needless to say'-ing though.

(, Thu 17 Dec 2009, 7:27, closed)
There may be an overwhelming level of smuggery
but I don't see why this couldn't have happened. There must be worse posts to concentrate your /qotw failure detector?
(, Thu 17 Dec 2009, 9:17, closed)
Theres more to life than just sunshine every day.
Yeah: breasts.

Nice story btw.
(, Thu 17 Dec 2009, 9:28, closed)
^^ This
Pictures please, to erm... Prove it.
(, Thu 17 Dec 2009, 11:47, closed)

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