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This is a question Cheap Tat

OneEyedMonster remindes us about the crap you can buy in pound shops: "Batteries that lasted about an hour and then died. A screwdriver with a loose handle so I couldn't turn the damn screw, and a tape measure which wasn't at all accurate."

Similarly, my neighbour bought a lawnmower from Argos that was so cheap the wheels didn't go round, it sort of skidded over the grass whilst gently back-combing it.

What's the cheapest, most useless crap you've bought?

(, Fri 4 Jan 2008, 7:26)
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I blame the war...
I have been exposed to cheap tat from various directions in my youth. I have some very cheap relatives!

But one of the stranger things purchased must be by my grandma. She is a compulsive bargain hunter - her house is filled with piles of 'stuff' that she refuses to get rid of.

So she returned from a charity auction with her elderly friends. With a stack of 6 old computer keyboards. She neither owns a computer, has ever used one, or completely grasps the concept. But seeing as her children and grandchildren all use them, we may like a replacement battered keyboard. 2 of the said boards didnt work. And I own a laptop. She seemed very put out I didnt want one!


(ps; my 1st ever b3ta post! how exciting! and hi Sexface, who got me hooked on this thing!)
(, Tue 8 Jan 2008, 12:41, 2 replies)
same kinda thing happened to me:
my mum, bless her cottons went out and got me a new pc moniter.

3x ssmaller screen

5x bigger unit....

i use it as a little table

(, Tue 8 Jan 2008, 13:24, closed)
People keep donating keyboards to me for some reason. My flatmate even brought me one back that he found in a pile of rubbish on the street near our flat.

It wouldn't be bad if I didn't have a laptop. And only usb inputs.
(, Tue 8 Jan 2008, 18:43, closed)

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