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This is a question What nonsense did you believe in as a kid?

Ever thought that you could get flushed down the loo? That girls wee out their bottoms? Or that bumming means two men rubbing their bums together? Tell us about your childhood misconceptions. Thanks to Joefish for the suggestion.

(, Wed 18 Jan 2012, 15:21)
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Black holes and revelations
Not long after acquiring the power of speech the very young Custard looked up at his father, the source of all knowledge and authority with a troubled expression.

“Yes son?”
“What are black holes?”

Not accustomed to being questioned on astrophysics by a toddler my dad was slightly taken aback. He quickly marshalled his thoughts and explained in as simple terms as possible about gravity and how some huge celestial objects had so much of it that nothing could escape their pull; not even light and that was why we called them black holes.

I listened attentively and then thought about this new information for some time. Processing. Cogitating.

He dared briefly to wonder as to how one raises, encourages and nurtures a gifted child and the responsibility this brings until I finally broke the silence.

“Yes son?”
“Rabbits live in black holes don’t they?”
(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 14:21, 7 replies)
Ha Ha...

I love this!

*Clicks more than once - just for the sake of it*
(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 14:37, closed)

(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 14:38, closed)
well, that made me laugh

(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 14:40, closed)
^Everything they all said.^

(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 15:04, closed)
I'd like to ruffle your hair,
you adorable wee scamp.
(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 16:15, closed)
^What Ponsonby-Smythe said^

(, Thu 19 Jan 2012, 16:43, closed)
Watership Down will never be the same again...
(, Fri 20 Jan 2012, 10:43, closed)

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