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This is a question Clubs, gangs, and societies

Munsta asks: What groups or clubs have you been a part of? Are you part of a secret underground movement with aims to bring down the government, are you part of a yiffing cult, or do you get together with friends in an evening for a drunken game of soggy biscuit?

(, Thu 21 Jun 2012, 13:44)
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Fuck Namby Pamby Weight Watchers
you want to try something a little more hardcore like Lighter Life - it's where the biggest losers hang out.

4 milkshakes a day and 4 litres of water for 12 weeks, pissing like a brewery shire horse, every hour on the hour right through the night. If you ever shoiuld be unfortunate to lose less than 7lbs a week the angry woman who weighs you and sells you the milkshakes for £70 a week sends you off to wee on a stick so that everyone can see if you've been cheating.

It's a great way to lose weight quickly but when you do actually start eating again you're in for a treat. Your first shit for 12 weeks can only be described as trying to pass a coconut through a drinking straw - it's almost as if your arsehole has healed up, it might as well not be there to be honest
(, Fri 22 Jun 2012, 13:41, 6 replies)
fuck that, i'll stick to the cheaty path

(, Fri 22 Jun 2012, 13:46, closed)
mate of mine did lighter life and lost 5 stone.
it's all gone back on now and more besides. pauline quirke can lick my sweaty minge.
(, Fri 22 Jun 2012, 14:35, closed)
I'm banking this one
for later.
(, Fri 22 Jun 2012, 15:32, closed)
so how fat are you now?

(, Fri 22 Jun 2012, 15:26, closed)
Never mind that Win Pug.
What you should be asking is "Do you do anal?".
(, Fri 22 Jun 2012, 15:39, closed)
*paging Dr Sexface*

(, Fri 22 Jun 2012, 16:33, closed)
Wait, how would YOU know if SexFace does anal badgey?

(, Sat 23 Jun 2012, 20:30, closed)
Do you do anal?

(, Fri 22 Jun 2012, 15:40, closed)
for those people still struggling with the simple mathematics of
eat less + do more
(, Fri 22 Jun 2012, 16:27, closed)
(, Fri 22 Jun 2012, 23:32, closed)

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