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This is a question I don't understand the attraction

Smaug says: Ricky Gervais. Lesbian pr0n. Going into a crowded bar, purely because it's crowded. All these things seem to be popular with everybody else, but I just can't work out why. What leaves you cold just as much as it turns everyone else on?

(, Thu 15 Oct 2009, 14:54)
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Lily Cole.
How is she considered attractive?
She looks like one of those weird china dolls that some equally weird people collect.

*Edit* How has this QOTW turned into things people hate rather than things they don't see an attraction in?
(, Tue 20 Oct 2009, 14:57, 5 replies)
Your wrong.
Shes attractive, but i like quirky looking women, and gingers.
(, Tue 20 Oct 2009, 15:03, closed)
me too
she also looks 12.. even better! j/k
(, Tue 20 Oct 2009, 15:12, closed)
Now, I'm not an expert in such things
but I've seen pics of Miss Cole in the altogether, and I'm pretty sure that your average 12 year old wouldn't have a nicely developed pair of tits and a big ginger muff.
(, Tue 20 Oct 2009, 16:06, closed)
My wrong?
Or did you mean to say 'You're wrong'?
In which case, you're wrong.
(, Tue 20 Oct 2009, 15:17, closed)
lily cole
She looks like an Elf.
(, Tue 20 Oct 2009, 18:10, closed)

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