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This is a question Common

Freddy Woo writes, "My wife thinks calling the front room a lounge is common. Worse, a friend of hers recently admonished her daughter for calling a toilet, a toilet. Lavatory darling. It's lavatory."

My own mother refused to let me use the word 'oblong' instead of 'rectangle'. Which is just odd, to be honest.

What stuff do you think is common?

(, Thu 16 Oct 2008, 16:06)
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Dear God
This QOTW has completely cancelled out the Nicest Thing one. I now hate every single one of you, you stuck-up, intolerant pieces of shit.

(, Sun 19 Oct 2008, 0:02, 5 replies)
Hear hear
Or is it here here? I must be a council house dwelling burberry clad pikey for not knowing.
(, Sun 19 Oct 2008, 0:26, closed)
Most of this lot would agree that you are
It seems like some of the stuff is true, some is funny, but a great deal is utter crap.
(, Sun 19 Oct 2008, 0:42, closed)
It's hear hear
From "hear him, hear him". It just got shorter.

Also, I agree with this post. This question has brought out some horrors and the answers from last week seem to hold less value.
(, Sun 19 Oct 2008, 1:08, closed)
Am I allowed
to click my own posts? :D
And thanks for the support, guys. I was expecting to get shot down for taking myself too seriously and not accepting the spirit of the board (i.e. be cynical, self-serving and look down on others. Which is fine, so long as you're doing it in post-modern irony, which many on this QOTW don't seem to be doing, for some reason.)
(, Mon 20 Oct 2008, 1:10, closed)
Seems like this QotW is just a good place to rant.
Everyone needs to blow off a little steam every once in a while, and this QotW in particular seems to tailor to that need.

Just a matter of looking at things from a distance, and not get too involved in whatever people here are ranting / venting about.

And in all honesty, to me, it's a new and quite interesting side of B3ta ;)
(, Mon 20 Oct 2008, 13:39, closed)

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