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This is a question The B3TA Confessional

With the Pope about to visit the UK, what better time to unburden yourself of anything that's weighing on your mind by posting it on the internet? Pay particular attention to the Seven Deadly Sins of lust, greed, envy, pride, posting puns on the QOTW board and the other ones. Top story gets to kneel before His Holiness's noodly appendage, or something

(, Thu 26 Aug 2010, 12:47)
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I could have prevented the Bin-Cat Lady from committing crimes against kitties.
I saw the video, like most of you will have, through the B3ta Links twitter. Living in Coventry and housing 2 fluffy kittehs myself, I was seething. How could a monster like that exist, and why does she exist so close to me?!

At first I was scared that she'd do it again to different cats, or step up the cat-tormenting. I wanted her out.

All the time ignoring that strange niggling feeling that the woman in the video did look a little familiar. The name came out, 'Mary Bale' yep, definitely heard that name before but where?

Pushing the feelings aside and focussing once again on how awful she is, I hadn't realised the link between where the cat-attack had happened and where she lived. When the address came out, one of my old house mates emailed me to confirm


For over a year.

Mary Bale, the tormentor of fluffehs, terrorist mastermind against for the feline community is the nutbar lady from next door.

Which is strange because when we lived in that house, there were loads of cats around. Being students, we invited them all in and gave them silly names like 'Salami' and 'Vodka'. Perhaps we were serving as a safe-house for all those terrified moggies.

We all remember that woman very well. She was a total nutbar but always on the harmless, fun side of crazy. We could hear her laughing through the walls all hours of the day and night. She also used to sing. A lot. and go through numerous bottles of wine each week.

So, what's the confessional side to this crazy tale?

Had I known then that the harmless nutbag from next door would start torturing kittums, perhaps we could have put a stop to her madness before she crossed the line.

I apologise, pusses of the world, for letting the next-door nutbaggery continue.
(, Fri 27 Aug 2010, 13:49, 7 replies)
for the use of fluffehs and kittums
(, Fri 27 Aug 2010, 13:57, closed)
was going to add 'pusskins' in there somewhere too
(, Fri 27 Aug 2010, 13:59, closed)
Doesn't really sound like a 'confession' so much as an 'excuse for a rant'.
Am I the only one less than outraged by the cat-bin thing?
(, Fri 27 Aug 2010, 14:15, closed)

(, Fri 27 Aug 2010, 15:21, closed)
I've never understood the massive reaction it's recieved
As soon as animals are involved, everyone goes fucking mental.

It probably just had a snooze in the bin untill it was let out. It's not like it's going to be emotionally scarred or anything
(, Fri 27 Aug 2010, 17:51, closed)
by randomly posting cats through her letterbox every morning so she could see how cute they are.

...that's also got the chance of making her do it more often, but hey ho...
(, Fri 27 Aug 2010, 14:17, closed)
I wish someone would put kitties through my letterbox every day just to see how cute they are. that would be the best thing ever
(, Fri 27 Aug 2010, 18:35, closed)

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