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This is a question Controversial Beliefs

Some mugs still think the MMR injection gives children autism (it doesn't), while others are of the belief that we're ruled by billionaire lizard people. Tell us about views outside the mainstream which people go glassy eyed if you bang on about them (Your grandad's a racist - no need to tell us, thanks)

Suggested by Frample Thromwibbler

(, Thu 25 Apr 2013, 12:06)
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I believe that the biggest problem facing the world is not overpopulation, war, religion, global warming, asylum-seekers taking our jobs, the imminent water crisis or the misuse of apostrophe's
It is that people, by and large, are awful. Stupid and awful. We are simply not up to the job of managing a planet, and will always behave in a stupid and awful way becuase this is our nature. You may not think that you personally are stupid and awful, but this is another of the many stupid and awful things about you and everyone else.
(, Thu 25 Apr 2013, 20:19, 4 replies)
Yes, I'm stupid and awful
but I've never started a war or a religion or misused apostrophe's.
(, Thu 25 Apr 2013, 20:29, closed)
Who said it was our job to manage the planet?
We're part of nature, not separate from it.
(, Thu 25 Apr 2013, 21:23, closed)
exactly, we're no better than shit-flinging monkeys and should never have been put in a position of responsiblity

(, Thu 25 Apr 2013, 22:39, closed)
The way I see it
is even if we fuck the planet, it'll self-correct, wipe us cunts out and carry on with its own sweet business. So I'm not really sure what anyone's worried about.
(, Thu 25 Apr 2013, 23:16, closed)

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