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This is a question Crazy Relatives

curvylittlegoth writes, "My Grandma is crazy, crazy mad. As well as regularly putting curses on us all, she once fell asleep in the armchair on a sunny afternoon, Barley Wine in one hand, Peter Stuyveson in the other, only to wake up several hours later to a Darth Vader sounding fireman. She thought she was in HELL as the smoke and flames billowed round her..."

Are any of your relatives this loopy?

(, Thu 5 Jul 2007, 15:59)
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tip of the iceberg:
1. My second cousin has been "away" since he was about twenty because he tried to kill several members of his family with an axe. They had to lock him in the basement - he almost got through the door before the mental health people could come get him.

2. During an argument with my mother about a year ago, my sister got in her car and repeatedly backed it into the neighbor's car until it was totally smashed and then drove away. I've heard that when she gets upset she repeatedly hits herself in the head and yells, "I'm so stupid!" The craziest part: she refuses to seek professional help and thinks that holistic remedies like fish oil will keep the crazy away.
(, Thu 5 Jul 2007, 20:29, Reply)

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