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This is a question What Makes You Cry?

That bit in the Railway Children when Jenny Agutter says "Daddy! My Daddy!". Gets me every time. I am 48 years old.

(, Thu 7 Aug 2014, 14:51)
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but it's yellow and has fruit in it, and I'm clutching at straws here.
(, Mon 11 Aug 2014, 21:06, 1 reply)
No, it was always bright yellow,
and contained chicken,carrots, peas, sultanas and sometimes apple or potatoes. The taste was bland with the slightest hint of curry powder. It disappeared in the mid 80's. I suppose it was around the time Indian restaurants and takeaways and the crappy jars of curry sauce a la Sharwoods started appearing.
(, Mon 11 Aug 2014, 21:50, closed)
Piccalilli hasn't disappeared...
I bought my dad a trio of piccalillis from fortnums as a stocking filler only last Christmas. He said they were ok, ESP the chilli one, but not as good as (frankly terrifying neon yellow) branstons one in his cupboard (probably expiring in 2004. Dad "doesn't believe" in best before dates).
(, Tue 12 Aug 2014, 7:02, closed)
Fortnums is great
for stocking fillers, and day to day groceries, but unnecessary really when Claridges will be able to provide most of the bits you need.
(, Tue 12 Aug 2014, 13:25, closed)
Best Before dates are being abolished
...as too many people confuse them with "Use By", and ditch perfectly good food.
(, Tue 12 Aug 2014, 16:56, closed)

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