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This is a question Join us... come join the cult

A friend of mine recently floored me with the admission that he'd spent several years in Eastern Europe with the Moonies. And he seemed so normal. Have you or your mates disappeared into a cult? Now that the brain-washing has worn off, tell us all about it.

(, Thu 26 Jan 2006, 17:46)
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I was approached at Poly many years ago, to join an after-college society, the name of which escapes me.
I fancied it, since I was keen on porking the female member who had invited me, and dutifully went along.
For the first 20 minutes of the meeting there was a guest speaker who talked about morals and being chaste.. (Only I thought he meant 'being chased' and spent 20 minutes giggling to myself until tears rolled down my face.... you really had to be there).
Then came the really weird part.. Everyone had to 'shake off their demons', and jump about in this really weird rhythmic dance they did.
I took one look at my quarry dancing about like an epileptic under a strobe light, and lost the urge to nob her.
I also lost the urge to stay in that room a moment longer and headed for the door.
A slightly fat dork stood in my way, and said "No-one leaves until the end". Had I not been a little frightened of this weird crap, I would've laughed, but I made do with connecting my knee with his testicles and walked over him to the door.
I never have and never will join a cult.. I am simply not that dependant on 'belonging' to get my kicks.
I arrived in the pub 15 minutes after my velocitous exit, and related the whole lot to my peers to much laughter.
(, Fri 27 Jan 2006, 8:15, closed)

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