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This is a question Join us... come join the cult

A friend of mine recently floored me with the admission that he'd spent several years in Eastern Europe with the Moonies. And he seemed so normal. Have you or your mates disappeared into a cult? Now that the brain-washing has worn off, tell us all about it.

(, Thu 26 Jan 2006, 17:46)
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Chick Publications
When I was a student in Northern Ireland we used to get deluged with religious nutter pamphlets, mostly along Christian themes but some of them were pretty rabid. One of our landlords was so 'in with God' that when we moved out of his house, my goth flatmate took down her Marilyn Monroe poster only to find a pamphlet about Mary Magdalen, Whore of Satan tucked behind it. It wasn't there when we moved in...

Anyway, I digress, one of my friends collected these religious pamphlets (including the amazing Ice Gritter Death, about someone who nearly lost his appendages in a grisly winter accident but found God instead) and was planning to write his English Literature dissertation on them. By far the looniest are the Chick cartoon brainwashing booklets which explain in badly drawn detail how D&D will turn you into a witch, or how Harry Potter is the evillest boy in the world etc. www.chick.com/default.asp

I was walking through Chicago last May (there for the day to appear on Oprah, another cult - and another story) when I passed a guy thrusting leaflets at everyone, with no takers. I did a quick double-take and realised he was a Chick-pusher, so turned back, smiling happily and said 'Brilliant! You're a nutter! Yes please!', took my pamphlet and moved swiftly on before his beaming smile at my positive reaction faded when he registered what I'd actually said...
(, Fri 27 Jan 2006, 13:38, closed)

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