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This is a question Cunning Plans

I once devised a totally foolproof cunning plan to attract the attention of bikini-clad women, which - as you might imagine - failed miserably. Ever come up with a cunning plan for something? Did it work? What went wrong? Do you look back through the filter of the years with a burning sense of shame?

Suggested by Ring of Fire

(, Thu 5 Jul 2012, 11:57)
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My Cunning Plan for making Serious Car Accidents more Fun
Car air bags are all the same boring white colour.

My cunning plan is to paint the multiple airbags in my car all different bright colours, and pack them back down, but with streamers and glitter packed inside, too.

Then, if I'm in a car accident and the airbag goes off and I bleed to death, it will feel like I'm at my own death party.

I'll also keep some Jelly and Icecream in the glove box to have as a final meal.
(, Fri 6 Jul 2012, 4:55, 10 replies)
Also some party music

Or, 'I'm not driving any more', by Rob Dougan.
(, Fri 6 Jul 2012, 8:08, closed)
'Crash' by The Primitives

(, Fri 6 Jul 2012, 8:32, closed)
Black Lace
Ag-a-doo-doo-doo, push pineapple, shake the tree
Aga-doo-doo-doo, swerve to miss the apple tree
To the left, to the right, crumpled bonnet, broken knees!
(, Fri 6 Jul 2012, 8:43, closed)
Replace the airbag
with a whoopee cushion. Fun for everyone.
(, Fri 6 Jul 2012, 8:38, closed)
a big pair of inflatable boobies.
dying in a chest, goodtimes.
(, Fri 6 Jul 2012, 9:11, closed)
Russ Meyer
would have approved.
(, Fri 6 Jul 2012, 14:44, closed)
Stick nipples on all air bags ...
by LAW!

And colour them peach or ebony. Depending on preference.
(, Fri 6 Jul 2012, 12:22, closed)
peach or ebony? calm the fuck down, michael winner.

(, Sat 7 Jul 2012, 8:44, closed)
a dead clown in the boot
would be a nice touch as well
(, Fri 6 Jul 2012, 14:09, closed)
I'd paint wounds on my airbags.
Then ensure I always drove with a Fleshlight on my cock.
Perhpas I've read too much Ballard...
(, Sat 7 Jul 2012, 16:14, closed)

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