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This is a question Dad Jokes

We want to know the lame jokes your Dad makes. E.g. On your mum putting the roast on the table, "All for me? What are you going to eat?" On writing you a cheque for £350, "Three pound fifty? That's cheap." - What are the frankly rubbish gags your dad cracks again and again? WARNING: If you become a dad you'll be doing this stuff too.

(, Wed 10 Dec 2003, 2:09)
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What a great question:
Dad (upon meeting a child): "How old are you lad?"
Child: "Seven"
Dad: "He he. I was seven when I was your age. Kids - Love 'em - went to school with them..."

...And so on.

The older I get the funnier I find this. Also the older I get the greater the interest in the fibre content of cereals.
(, Wed 10 Dec 2003, 15:52, closed)

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