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This is a question Have you ever seen a dead body?

How did you feel?
Upset? Traumatised? Relieved? Like poking it with a stick?

(, Thu 28 Feb 2008, 9:34)
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well i work in a hospital, so i've seen my share
but i did once speak to an old lady when i was checking the asset number on her bed when she promptly turned into a dead body.
her last words were 'what are you doing my love'
'just checking your bed madam'
i didn't kill her!!
(, Thu 28 Feb 2008, 10:01, 5 replies)

(, Thu 28 Feb 2008, 10:02, closed)
Maybe you are Death!

Or I've been watching too much Torchwood...
(, Thu 28 Feb 2008, 10:52, closed)
Yes, I was also watching Torchwood last night
Unfortunately, having read Mort by Terry Pratchett, I now find it hard to take the grim reaper seriously.
(, Thu 28 Feb 2008, 12:00, closed)
Good point. Ivesb didn't use caps and therefore can't be Death.
(, Thu 28 Feb 2008, 12:16, closed)
I love the "I didn't kill her!" plea, it reminds me of Tubbs's "WE DIDN'T BURN HIM" in the league of gentlemen :D
(, Thu 28 Feb 2008, 16:35, closed)

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