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This is a question Dentists

My current dentist is called Mr Stiff.

Back when I was at university though, I had enormous pain in my jaw one morning - so bad I went as an emergency case to the uni dentist.

He took one look at the back of my mouth and said, "Ah, wisdom teeth. Impacted. They'll have to come out."

He then reached under the chair and came out with an enormous industrial (and entirely non-dental) pair of pliers, "I can do it now if you want..."

(, Thu 2 Nov 2006, 14:31)
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Hazsard signs...
Went to dentist for normal checkup, only difference being this was my first checkup in about 4 years. I'm the sort of person who doesn't use medical services unless it's like life threatening or something, ya see.

Anyway.. decided as I'm a smoker, they could do with a polish.. go in, not a huge wait which was a pleasant surprise, sit in chair, he goes round with that pick thing they use ripping half my gums out in the process (I could taste blood,) then gets the polishing thingy out and starts going methodically from tooth to tooth round the mouth, as they do.

Gets about half way round.. *crack* .. "oh shit."

"What's wrong."

"Erm.. I'm afraid I just broke one of your teeth.. are you in any pain?"

The twunt managed to break a rather large chunk off the top/back of my front tooth.. luckily (ha!) it was only a small breakage thus I was not in any pain, nor even discomfort.

He gave it a filling (which fell off within a week,) apologised profusely, I left an unhappy bunny.. on the way out I decided to write down the tits name for use in a complaint - the sign on the door:

"Dr Hazsard"

Next time I'll be looking out for Hazsard signs.
(, Thu 2 Nov 2006, 16:17, Reply)

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