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This is a question The Dirty Secrets of Your Trade

So, Television is a hot bed of lies, deceit and made up competitions. We can't say that we are that surprised... every job is full of this stuff. It's not like the newspapers currently kicking TV whilst it is down are all that innocent.

We'd like you to even things out a bit. Spill the beans on your own trade. Tell us the dirty secrets that the public need to know.

(, Thu 27 Sep 2007, 10:31)
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Pembrey Race Track - Snack Van.
I spied a secret of the snack van trade at Pembrey racing track one day.

My GF asked for a bottle of mineral water with her reconstituted chicken snack. Snack van man says "pound fifty" as he shiftily hands it to her but twists off the lid whilst doing so, making out that the lids are sometimes difficult to open.

Not until thinking about it later did I realise; I'd bet a monkey it was just tap water that he'd put in a used water bottle. Profit: £1.50 from anyone poncey enough to ask for mineral water.

This was all a few years ago, at a time when the pikey locals were renowned for filling their cars with supermarket vegetable oil instead of diesel because it was cheaper.

I hope the snack van man gets a visit from the environmental health.
(, Thu 27 Sep 2007, 14:56, Reply)

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