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This is a question My Biggest Disappointment

Often the things we look forward to the most turn out to be a huge let down. As Freddy Woo puts it, "High heels in bed? No fun at all. Porn has a lot to answer for."

Well, Freddy, you are supposed to get someone else to wear them.

What's disappointed you lot?
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(, Thu 26 Jun 2008, 14:15)
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Three months before I was due to leave on a round the world jaunt, I met a fantastic girl - the lovely Julie. Far too good for the likes of me.

Unfortunately, she'd just got back from a year in Australia - we sort of met over her photos...

Obviously, things weren't going to go anywhere as I was not going to give up my trip. Even so, we met for a date where she attempted to get me drunk, but seeing as I was in my car didn't really work until she had the bright idea of taking me back to her place and trying again. Finally twigging what she was trying to do, I let her...

Anyways, three months later I get on board a plane to California a bit sad to leave what was developing into a fantastic relationship. I didn't want to give up my trip, and she wouldn't let me.
Ah well, better to have loved etc.

Still, we keep in touch and 4 months later after much letter writing and phone calls I decide on a whim to come back from New Zealand and see her. Sensibly buying a return ticket mind. I still had a year in Australia to come...
Back in England we meet up and continue from where we left off - everything is great.

Three more months and I'm back on the plane and we plan to meet in 9 months and carry on. We managed the first 4 months ok after all...
More letter writing, phone calls and the like and everything is bonza. We plan to meet in New Zealand.

Two weeks before she turns up I'm still getting letters telling me how great things are going to be and I can't wait to see her.
Big day arrives and I meet her at Auckland airport... About 3 hours later she tells me that she doesn't want to be with me anymore. No reasons, no get to know each other period, nothing.

I got on a plane 10 hours later back to the UK extremely cheesed off.

Now that was disappointing.
(, Tue 1 Jul 2008, 16:30, 3 replies)
Blimey O_o

(, Tue 1 Jul 2008, 16:32, closed)
She was banging someone else.

(, Tue 1 Jul 2008, 21:32, closed)
almost certainly

(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 9:17, closed)

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