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This is a question My Biggest Disappointment

Often the things we look forward to the most turn out to be a huge let down. As Freddy Woo puts it, "High heels in bed? No fun at all. Porn has a lot to answer for."

Well, Freddy, you are supposed to get someone else to wear them.

What's disappointed you lot?
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(, Thu 26 Jun 2008, 14:15)
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Internet dating
Seeing as my last input was about women, i'll continue with the theme.

Interweb dating is disappointing because:

1. You may end up with a vicious harridan who'll try to scam you out of your soul and money. Perhaps not in that order, but definitely those two avenues.

2. You might meet crazy stalkers who are alone for a damned good reason, and will attempt to phone you 152 times a night.

3. You may have similar interests, but when the conversation is about as stimulating as a party political broadcast all fire and passion dies.

4. When you do meet someone awesome they tend to live in foreign places. Like Kuwait. Or the Yukon.

There are other reasons, and you may add them accordingly.

I have been single, bar entirely random interludes, for 8 months after a 6 year stint. I had a 3 month 'thing' with a girl who went home to London and had been the best thing to have happened to me in the longest time. But she went home.

And now, who do i attract on interweb dating sites? Divorced mothers with kids. Fat, brooding lesbian-lookalikes. And sociopaths who phone me 152 times a night.


At least b3ta is a melting pot of emo-ness right now. Nearly all the male answers pertain to women.

(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 1:08, 8 replies)
I met the axewoman over the internet
But yes, there's a lot of crap out there. Just make sure your defences are up then go through as many people as you can - just make sure that you are in a position to drop someone like a hot turd *before* they have your mobile number...
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 2:55, closed)
there are lots of nutters out there
but I'm now married to a lovely chap I met on the interweb.

wait... does that mean I'm the nutter?
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 8:48, closed)
It does work sometimes.
Ex-Mr Maladicta and I met through QOTW after he read Stalker Boy. Admittedly that didn't work out through no fault of ours, but current Mr Maladicta is his best friend and we've been together nearly a year now.

*sigh* I really wish he was less stressy lately though, it puts me on edge.
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 9:07, closed)
i knows
I met a wonderful women. Who turned out be public harridan number one.

Damn 'slims.
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 10:35, closed)
I met my most recent ex over t'interweb
She was nice but it didn't work out.
It wasn't a bad experience for me though.
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 10:41, closed)
Don't give up so easily.
I've met several women this way. Some were fantastic, and some were - how shall we say - not fantastic. The best ones more than made up for the rest, and the others were a learning experience for me. I just think it's a pity when someone has just one bad experience and gives up. It's been many years since I last had an Internet Dating profile up, but I still have MSN-chats with one of them and also had a brief e-mail exchange with another last year. One important factor in getting to know people is that as well as knowing them at their best; you should also know them at their worst too.
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 10:50, closed)
no no, i'm not discounting all experiences based
on one bad experience; i'm just warier.

My dating profile is still on match.
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 11:05, closed)
Separating wheat from chaff.......
....is the secret. My last round of internet dating saw me getting stalked by a woman whose photo had distinct panda-eyes, and roundly abused by a South American woman when I would not respond to her messages straight away!
But... this tale has a happy ending - I met Mrs Sebulba on-line! Together 4 years, married for 18 months, and Sebulbette is 3 months old tomorrow. And I couldn't be happier!!!!
My advice - stay the course, be true to yourself, and don't settle for less than you want. And if she starts behaving in a way you're not happy with, look for the 'EJECT' handle - save yourself the misery. There are plenty of good-calibre women out there!
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 17:36, closed)

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