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This is a question DIY disasters

I just can't do power tools. They always fly out of control and end up embedded somewhere they shouldn't. I've no idea how I've still got all the appendages I was born with.

Add to that the fact that nothing ends up square, able to support weight or free of sticking-out sharp bits and you can see why I try to avoid DIY.

Tell us of your own DIY disasters.

(, Thu 3 Apr 2008, 17:19)
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This is a tale of my surprisingly undeparted father.
My father had recently acquired himself a new hammer drill. As you need a firm grip on a hammer drill, this one came with a front grip. The grip attaches to the drill via a loop that you slip over the front of the drill then tighten. By an utterly appalling design feature, it is Very Easy to attach the grip to the chuck (the bit that spins) and not the body of the drill. It is also relevant to this story that the drill features a depth gauge in the form of a metal stick that you adjust and fix by tightening the grip handle.

As you may have guessed, my father attached the front grip securely to the chuck and not the body of the drill. He set the gauge to where he wanted then positioned himself and pulled the trigger.

The front grip moved with the chuck at a high speed. The handle leaped out of dad's hand and impacted solidly with the family jewels. Reflexively his left hand leapt to their defence, straight into the path of the high speed depth gauge which proceeded to tear two of his fingers apart. The right hand let go of the drill which then tumbled to the ground, smacking his leg and leaving a few nasty welts for good measure.

He hobbled into the kitchen to seek assistance from the wife who, upon seeing dad covered in blood and clutching his nads, assumed the worst and called an ambulance :)
(, Sun 6 Apr 2008, 17:19, 4 replies)
Was it a Wickes drill by any chance?
Black one with orange trigger/buttons?

I ask because I have that one and it's exactly how you described. They were selling them as a set along with a battery drill, a jigsaw, and a sander, at a reduced price (I believe £50 for the lot). Everything but the battery drill is completely useless, if not outright dangerous to use.
(, Sun 6 Apr 2008, 17:58, closed)
This is what lawyers are for
People laugh at the American tendency to take every problem to court, but the upside is that companies which put sh*t like this drill on the market quickly get sued out of business.

(, Sun 6 Apr 2008, 23:27, closed)
Is that you John Wayne?
How was he holding the drill for the handle to hit him in the goolies? Must have been like a gunslinger!
(, Mon 7 Apr 2008, 10:46, closed)
I read that as Surprisingly Underpanted. Sorry. Have a clicky to compensate.
(, Mon 7 Apr 2008, 14:46, closed)

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