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This is a question DIY disasters

I just can't do power tools. They always fly out of control and end up embedded somewhere they shouldn't. I've no idea how I've still got all the appendages I was born with.

Add to that the fact that nothing ends up square, able to support weight or free of sticking-out sharp bits and you can see why I try to avoid DIY.

Tell us of your own DIY disasters.

(, Thu 3 Apr 2008, 17:19)
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Off shore
DIY disaster? I don't have any disaster stories all mine are me fixing the disaster.

Off shore in a sinking boat. I saved my ass and those souls aboard the vessel, buy recognizeing and fixing a carbon monoxide leak enabling us to soundly pump the water over board using the engine.

I once removed a hive of bees from inside my neighbors wall.

Several times in space I had to weld a piece of formalable poly-steel to patch an air leak, on the outside of the ship.

When my tour guide crash landed the helicopter,
in the artic, I built a fire out of electrical components and a gum wrapper to roast a penguin which I had killed with a piece of rubber, a large metal ball and my feet.

When I was night diving a buddy lost his reg. I held him from shooting to the top and gave him air off my octo.
(, Tue 8 Apr 2008, 6:31, 6 replies)
Penguins don't live in the Arctic.
(, Tue 8 Apr 2008, 9:27, closed)
...you don't get penguins in the Arctic. :/
(, Tue 8 Apr 2008, 9:29, closed)
No, he said the artic
He was talking about a large lorry.
(, Tue 8 Apr 2008, 9:30, closed)
noticing the penguins
but not commenting on repairing a ship several times "in space"?

As in, Space Cadet?
(, Tue 8 Apr 2008, 10:10, closed)
The beauty of B3ta
people get very annoyed about spelling, punctuation and zoological accuracy, but telling whopping great lies is fine, as long as they are accurate lies. And preferably amusing and/or entertaining. Unlike this one.
(, Tue 8 Apr 2008, 10:58, closed)
You are Angus MacGyver
and I claim my five pounds.
(, Wed 9 Apr 2008, 9:42, closed)

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