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This is a question DIY fashion

As a teenager I went to the Venice Carnival. I made a mask out of a paper plate, got a metal coathanger and bent it into horns around my head and draped a black tshirt over that. At the time I thought I looked really cool, but thinking it over...

Tell us about your own oh-so-cool fashion innovations.

(, Thu 24 Aug 2006, 13:24)
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I grew mine and apart from beoming increasingly unpoular i lost my girlfriend and got shouted at by chavs in there "pimpobiles" with such foul comments like "cut your hair" or "get a hair cut" ohh the pain on my aching soul...
But seriously i need to get it cut (yup i've still got it)
Ha Ha that 1st post went swimmingly i love b3ta and i'm a newbie treat me nice and dont rip me head off
(, Sat 26 Aug 2006, 21:14, closed)

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