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This is a question It's not me, it's the drugs talking

They make you do stupid stuff and say stupid stuff. Drugs ROCK! Old-time B3ta person Fraser says, "I remember turning to a flatmate once, after getting stoned and sitting through an episode of Casualty, and proclaiming "Wow! Those actors are *so* talented!". And really meaning it."

What do you regret doing under the influence?

(, Thu 15 Dec 2005, 11:19)
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After a wee bit too much to drink...
I got dressed up in my armour and went to the off licence to buy more wine.

Not quite sure why, but there I was, striding down the street in chain mail, mail gauntlets and a few other bits of plate mail (it's not easy putting it all on by yourself you know, especially when drunk) surcoat, shield on one arm and visored helmet held in the crook of the other.

My street is a little dark on the pavement side. This couple appeared in the distance walking in my direction and were starting to look a little concerned as they got near me (only a little concerned though, as it seems to take a lot to take people in London completely by surprise, worse luck).

As I walked past them I said "Nice (K)night!)

I have been waiting for a chance to do that stupid pun for *years*.
(, Thu 22 Dec 2005, 11:28, Reply)

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