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This is a question Eccentrics

We all know someone who's a little bit strange - Mum's UFO abduction secret, or the mad Uncle who isn't allowed within 400 yards of Noel Edmonds.

Tell us about your family eccentrics, or just those you've met but don't think you're related to.

(Suggested by sugar_tits)

(, Thu 30 Oct 2008, 19:08)
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Small Liberal Arts College
My conservative grandfather loved to remark about all the "crazy liberals" in the Midwest. I figured he was the crazy one, until I went to a liberal arts college.

Some of the characters include:

Sally: Sally has two volumes, loud and off. She routinely walks into my room, puts a piece of duct tape on my roomie's wall and writes whatever word on it. This morning, she walked in, removed her shirt, and began telling me at length about how her bazookas were different sizes... And that she is an ice cream cone.

Kyle: Kyle always agrees with you. "Kyle, you're a spineless asshole." "I know", "Kyle, your textbook is in the microwave" (it's in his hands...) "I know", "Kyle you're an evolutionary throwback" "I know"... He was actually dating a chick at the beginning of the year, when she broke up with him, he promptly kicked through double-paned safety glass, then sat down and waited for campus security - with his foot still through the door.

John: John is narcoleptic - Res life put him on the fourth floor, with no elevators - he sleeps in the boy's lounge. He routinely replaces words with "darsh", as in "Who has the darsh? (time)" or "I can't find my darsh. (jacket)". John writes poetry on notebooks he holds up to the window - two feet from the table.

Mary: Mary managed to be the only freshman with her own room. How? It was a two step process. First, if you stopped by her room when the door was open, she would gladly sit and give you the rundown on her favorite vibrators -and show them to you as she proudly explains how one's dying from overuse. Second, her roommate is just sitting on her computer doing homework and she looks over and Mary's just having a good ol' time with herself - completely naked and lying on top of her sheets.

Laura and Sarah: Roommates who are the real life equivalent of Will and Grace's Karen and Rosario....

Chris:Chris is about 6'3" and constantly wanders around with a teacup made for a child. He offers to read your tea leaves in exchange for good gin. Every time he drinks his gin; however, he attempts to either maim or molest me. Is also very prone to (while sober) sit in a chair and giggle manically at nothing.

Joe: Joe is a smelly hippy who can generally be found hanging upside down from the exposed plumbing above the vending machines, because it gives him perspective.

And, finally, Stuart: Stuart loves him bike to the point of obsession. He will tell you at length how his bike is his wife and his other bike is his sister (somehow, these are equivalent in his mind), but his bed is simply a one night stand which he uses and abuses when he wants to.

We also have our fair share of typical weirdos, boys in dresses, that kid who only eats yellow food, the boy who will meow at you and then ask if you have a cat, and the theatre department, so typically crazy and rarely dull.

Length? *blushes* It might be too big...
(, Mon 3 Nov 2008, 19:24, 5 replies)
what does...
...any of that have to do with being liberal?

Unless you mean liberal in the dictionary sense, rather than the usual 'merkin definition of 'commie pinko subversive'
(, Mon 3 Nov 2008, 19:34, closed)
Fixed, thanks!
(, Mon 3 Nov 2008, 23:00, closed)
And how does
being textbooks in the microwave feel? That's what intrigues me.
(, Mon 3 Nov 2008, 20:20, closed)
not eccentricities, i'm afraid;
sounds an awful lot like "attention seeking nobhead" syndrome.
Kids away from mummy and daddy for the first time, realising that they're not the chosen one (despite what mummy tells them) and overcompensate massively to overcome the dreadful feeling of not being centre of attention.. any of them only (or first) children, by any chance?
(, Mon 3 Nov 2008, 20:24, closed)
well, I could see that too, but
the reason I would classify them as eccentric is because each and every one of them is convinced that they are the most normal person on campus and are very amused by each other.
(, Mon 3 Nov 2008, 22:59, closed)

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