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This is a question Encounters with Royalty

My good friend Jonathan once had to entertain the Queen whilst she had her portrait painted. The night before he was panicking as he didn't know any clean jokes.

Have you met someone royal? Are you royal? We'd like your story...

(, Thu 3 Aug 2006, 15:06)
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Back in me Army Days
I was one of the lucky few chosen to do royal protection for one of the less important royals, you know one of them princes you don't hear much about, think it was the one that started that tv company, can't remember his name. Anyway I digress, so Royal protection eh? sounds exciting don't it? Well it wasn't, It consisted of sitting in full body armour in the back of a land rover with a bunch of other guys wearing the same warm set up. Did I mention it was in the middle of july and so fecking warm the previous day me and some of my mates had succesfully fried an egg on the pavement. So there we were waiting in the Rover (so that if anything happened it could drive straight there and we'd all jump out and shoot people, women, children anything except prince whats-his-face). After 3 hours we got told there was a a change of plans and he wouldn't be coming. And thats why I hate the royals. Oh Charlie and Camila drove by me too whilst I was stationed in Belfast not too long after the got married. I was within spitting distance but I reacon the MP's may have jumped me.

Edit: Oh and the paint, yeah its true, they even paint the grass, no word of a lie, I have personally spray painted a yellow patch of grass green.
(, Mon 7 Aug 2006, 21:43, Reply)

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