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This is a question Narrow Escapes

IHateSprouts tells us they once avoided getting caught up in an IRA bomb attack by missing a train. Tell us how you've dodged the Grim Reaper, or simply avoided a bit of trouble.

(, Thu 19 Aug 2010, 12:31)
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If I'd been a boy
I'd have been called Charles Francis (surname). I'd probably have offed myself by now...
(, Thu 19 Aug 2010, 14:18, 5 replies)
If I'd been a slightly less lucky boy
I'd have been called Eagleduke.

Apparently this name impresses women, but I suspect it looks a lot better at a distance, as it were.
(, Thu 19 Aug 2010, 14:51, closed)
My name is Julian
But my Mum's other favourite boy's name was Gervaise. I was born in 1967, so I'd have had 35 years or so of being called gay/camp/etc. before everyone started to think of me as a thudding bore with a goatee doing silly dances in a Slough-based office sitcom.

I reckon that's a lucky escape.
(, Thu 19 Aug 2010, 15:55, closed)
i would have been called peter
which isn't so bad, really
(, Thu 19 Aug 2010, 22:07, closed)
If my grandparents had had there way i was going to be called Walter after my grandad and dad. Luckily my dad did one of his few decent things and refused
(, Mon 23 Aug 2010, 12:10, closed)
I was supposed to be Colin
but that was also the name of recently killed son, in a "push bike versus car" accident,of my mums friend.

So that was discretly dropped.

Not a huge fan of Colin if I am being honest
(, Wed 25 Aug 2010, 9:53, closed)

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