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This is a question Evil Pranks

As a student Joel Veitch attached a hose from the sink into my bed. I slowly woke thinking I'd pissed myself. I had the last laugh though. He had to pay for my ruined mattress.

What's the most evil prank you've ever played on someone?

(, Thu 13 Dec 2007, 14:01)
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I killed my grandfather...
My paternal grandparents used to live - when they lived at all, that is - in a house with a large garden. And when I say "large", I mean "measured in acres" kind of large. It was ace; there were lots of rocky bits, coppices, paths through bushes and so on - everything a child could need for hours of adventure.

An obvious trope was to hide behind a bush or rock, wait for someone to come past, and yell "BOO!" at them. One day, that's exactly what I did to my grandfather.

My grandfather, I knew, had a slightly weak heart. I didn't take this into account. I was young.

I could see him coming; I crouched in a clump of bracken. Closer... closer... closer...


My grandfather looked startled for a moment - but only for a moment. He fell. He stayed fallen.
"Oh, Jesus H Macy; I've fucking killed Grandad," I would have thought had I not been only 9. "Oh, bother, I've flipping well killed Grandad," is what I probably did think.

Not knowing what else to do, I simply looked at his very still body for what looked like hours but can only have been seconds.
"Grandad?" I ventured. "Are you all right? Can you hear me? Grandad?"


More nothing.

Pinteresque nothing.

"BOO!" he yelled.

I was the one who had a heart attack that day.
(, Fri 14 Dec 2007, 9:46, 8 replies)
(, Fri 14 Dec 2007, 10:08, closed)
I was clicking purely for the use of the word "trope". (Then I saw who was writing it and realised I shouldn't have been surprised.)
(, Fri 14 Dec 2007, 10:39, closed)
Awww... thanks. I'll take that in the spirit that my ego believes it was meant.
(, Fri 14 Dec 2007, 10:44, closed)
I laughed and got dodgy looks from my boss the true sign of a great story!
(, Fri 14 Dec 2007, 11:55, closed)
clicky click
(, Fri 14 Dec 2007, 12:06, closed)
Just the sort of thing I plan on doing when and if I ever have grandchildren...

Once again, I am compelled to click for you, Mister Enzyme:

(, Fri 14 Dec 2007, 12:55, closed)
*bows down*
I applaud you!

(well, your grandad)
(, Fri 14 Dec 2007, 13:37, closed)
It's not very often
that the word "Pinteresque" is used in QOTW.

I feel that your grandad should be taken as a role model for all.
(, Mon 17 Dec 2007, 7:47, closed)

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