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This is a question Evil Pranks

As a student Joel Veitch attached a hose from the sink into my bed. I slowly woke thinking I'd pissed myself. I had the last laugh though. He had to pay for my ruined mattress.

What's the most evil prank you've ever played on someone?

(, Thu 13 Dec 2007, 14:01)
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The Great Booze-on-Desk Caper.
We have office drink-ups on Fridays. One of the more neurotic, uptight girls in the office left a note on her desk telling us not to leave any bottles on her desk.

Well, we had a lot of empties lying around.

She cried when she arrived on Monday. I got asked (the person was laughing while they asked) to apologise.
(, Fri 14 Dec 2007, 14:03, 6 replies)
uptight ones are always the best to prank, have a
seasonal woo and click
(, Fri 14 Dec 2007, 14:13, closed)
Tis nice,
making girls cry.
(, Fri 14 Dec 2007, 14:18, closed)
How did your apology go? I'm not one for towing other people's lines, so mine would have been along the lines of "I'm very sorry that you cannot cope with the merest of trivialities - your life must be terribly difficult" :)
(, Fri 14 Dec 2007, 15:43, closed)

(, Fri 14 Dec 2007, 15:55, closed)
Good one!
I wish we had drink ups!
(, Fri 14 Dec 2007, 17:51, closed)
(, Thu 20 Dec 2007, 11:00, closed)

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