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This is a question Evil Pranks

As a student Joel Veitch attached a hose from the sink into my bed. I slowly woke thinking I'd pissed myself. I had the last laugh though. He had to pay for my ruined mattress.

What's the most evil prank you've ever played on someone?

(, Thu 13 Dec 2007, 14:01)
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My office mate ..
.. has set his Windows backdrop to a photo of his house. It's a nice house and he doesn't lock his PC. I'm subtly photoshopping the image every weekend, replacing it by a new version on Monday morning. This far I've removed several windows, the mailbox, various stuff, and the chimney, and I have changed some colours.

He hasn't noticed yet. I hope that once he notices, he'll wonder for a while if his memory is failing him. I don't think he knows the capabilities of Photoshop, so there is a fair chance that it will be fun.

This weekend I plan to add the first garden gnome.

Come to think of it, I'm probably not evil, but I might be mildly irritating.
(, Fri 14 Dec 2007, 15:05, 14 replies)
You should photoshop his naked mrs in one of the windows :) He might notice then!
(, Fri 14 Dec 2007, 16:00, closed)
I like this idea...
I like it a lot..Find a nice photo of a human skull and just place it somewhere discrete in the garden..
(, Fri 14 Dec 2007, 16:13, closed)
Subtly alter the paint on the side of his house
so that slightly darker marks in it spell out 'Redrum' or 'XXXX is a wanker' or somesuch.

Make the dark marks darker over a period of weeks.
(, Fri 14 Dec 2007, 17:04, closed)
That's brilliant!

(, Fri 14 Dec 2007, 18:48, closed)
hahahaha nice work!
Good suggestions too. All I could think of was introducing a ghostly figure in one of the windows.
(, Fri 14 Dec 2007, 19:07, closed)
add litter
and an old mattress in the garden

missing tiles from the roof

graffiti on the fence

love the idea though, genius

(, Sat 15 Dec 2007, 0:19, closed)
I love the subtle ones like this!
(, Sat 15 Dec 2007, 18:41, closed)
This is amazing. Love it!

As it's coming up to Christmas you should add Santa flying over the roof. Not too big to notice but not too small to be ignored.
(, Sat 15 Dec 2007, 20:57, closed)
That's awesome
Every time you make a change, you should move the front door slightly to the left.

See if you can make it too the corner of the house before he notices.
(, Sun 16 Dec 2007, 23:59, closed)
Excellent idea

Put pics up of a before and after so we can see too!
(, Mon 17 Dec 2007, 15:14, closed)
Would love to see the before and after images
(, Mon 17 Dec 2007, 18:39, closed)
Yep, I'd probably be curious too :)
Anyway, thanks for the suggestions. I didn't get around to doing garden gnomes or any of your ideas yet, since I wasted all of my weekend spare time on this shillyness.

Here is my progress this far (reduced in image size). As I mentioned, the changes have been subtle this far. If you can't spot them, I suppose you could paste them as two separate layers in Photoshop and turn on and off the visibility of the top one.

Any further suggestions will be appreciated ;)
(, Mon 17 Dec 2007, 22:50, closed)
Duplicate those three trees just in front of the windows, to four, maybe five.

Make the red hanging plants on the white wall slowly grow and spread over time (and maybe change the colour).

Slowly prune the trees behind the house.

Add clouds or plane vapour trails.

Change all the flower colours.
(, Tue 18 Dec 2007, 19:11, closed)
Excellent pictures!
(, Wed 19 Dec 2007, 7:31, closed)

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