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This is a question Expensive Weekends

Chthonic says he's still reeling from a trip to a wedding that cost him nearly 600; while a friend of ours hazily presented his credit card to the bar staff in a shady club in the Baltic states. You know how that one ended.

(, Thu 13 May 2010, 12:03)
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Explain this Derren
Was watching that Uri Geller geezer on the telly doing a live spoon bending thing. Not wanting to break my cutlery, I grabbed some biros and set about trying to bend them. I rubbed and rubbed them between forefinger and thumb but didn't manage to achieve much more than a slight kink where the outer casing has lost some of it's strength. The spooky thing is that none of the biros now work, they have ink in them but no matter how much I shake them or scribble, no mark is made upon the paper. Those are the ex-pens I've weakened.
(, Wed 19 May 2010, 9:33, closed)
Bloody hell that's terrible.
You'll have to buy new ones.
(, Wed 19 May 2010, 9:38, closed)
I very nearly clicked!
That's one of the best in a while!
(, Wed 19 May 2010, 9:47, closed)

I applaud your punnery!
(, Wed 19 May 2010, 10:18, closed)
Still, all is not lost. if you melt the pens down and fashion them into a kitchen utensil
you still get something out of it, and that something is ex-pen sieve.
(, Wed 19 May 2010, 11:16, closed)
someone else posted something similar.
So *adopts Scottish accent*

ex-pens-sieve, we kenned!
(, Thu 20 May 2010, 10:26, closed)
best pun yet.
(, Wed 19 May 2010, 15:41, closed)
Thanks for the kind words
I've got plenty more e.g. the story about the female swans who've all had sex changes that used to attack me when I walked the dog by the river until I hit them with a stick. Or what about the sheep enclosures that I have rearranged so that they no longer enclose and stolen crucial bolts from? Better leave it at that I think.
(, Thu 20 May 2010, 8:59, closed)

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